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 Schneewittchen came to us from an animal shelter in Bielefeld. She has been neglected by her first owners. When she was rescued she was really sick.
She is our medical counselor and our ambassador for projects concerning health care.

 Aslan und Enzo came from an organization called "Sadies Guinea Pig Home". Enzo and some of his friends escaped being eaten by a snake.
Both, Aslan and Enzo are going to represent and introduce projects to support aid organizations for guinea pigs.

 Raffi was abandoned in a box with six other piggies in the middle of December. She and her friends were rescued by the aid organization "Notmeerschweinchen.de e.V." in Berlin.
Raffi is our reporter who will introduce the aid organzations, which we are going to support and she will report about the rescued piggies.

If you like to contact us about this: ambassadors@schweineschnuten.de
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