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Dear Piggylovers of all countries,

we are Gidon Weinstein and Silke Dunker from Germany. We are real piggy lovers.

Behind all those piggy snout cartoons stands a real guinea pig, which has lived with us or is still living with us. With our cartoons and stories we want to make them all immortal.

We want to create a small "Piggy Snouts Universe". A place were these adorable animals are worshiped the way they deserve it.

We want to entertain you with funny stories about "Art and Culture" seen from the piggies point of view. We also want to inform you about more serious topics such as the support of guinea pig aid organisations.

We have plans for a guinea pig guide in which the piggies themselves are going to lead the word.

We wish you lots of fun!
But, we have to warn those of you, who aren´t piggy lovers yet.
Piggyholism is highly contagious and incurable!

Gidon & Silke
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